Lyubena Fox ( pronounced:
[Lju:bena] ) is born in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2013 she graduates from the Bulgarian National School of Fine Arts, specializing in Illustration. The same year she starts her studies with John M.Angel, moving to Florence, Italy and in 2016 graduates from the Angel Academy Florence. Right after, she has a study session with Alessandro Dari.

In 2017 her first two solo exhibitions in Sofia take place, followed by three painting qualifications as an ARC finalist in 2018, concretely stating her public professional status.

Consequently, she has the long longed chance to begin studies along her favorite contemporary painter Roberto Ferri in May, after which a scholarship from the Art renewal Center is awarded to her, right before starting to teach in Angel Academy of Art Florence. 2019 presents a very important milestone for her, being awarded with the ARC Staff award, and multiplying her mentions in several magazines and publications.

Artist statement
My goal as an artist is to build up on what we’ve learned from the past, so we can create within our fullest potential, during the present. This applies to several aspects in life.

As an oil painter I stand for mastering one’s crafts, meaning to know your materials, the different ways to use them and the chemical reactions towards their surroundings. This results in producing high quality works, which will last in time.

I value the importance of the good design. So as to create visually pleasing paintings, they are created following the logic of how the eye perceives: seeing the details in the context of the form. The images are composed of places, full of details for the eye to explore and places where the eye can rest.

A lot of symbolism is used, whether old (accumulated throughout history) or new (emerged more recently), to illustrate topics concerning one’s emotions towards life. By presenting my statement I strive to make the viewer better understand themselves; urging them to think about how they feel and what they stand for; discovering who they truly are.

Art is a tool to scratch beneath the surface and reach a deeper understanding of our existence.

With my art I strive to capture the transitory beauty and emotions of life.

Talent prize award – Teravarna 2023
NOAPS “International Fall 2020” Merit Award
Best Artist under 30 – PleinAir salon Nov 2020
NOAPS – Merit award 2020
Art Room Gallery online – Merit Award 2020
Best Outdoor Still Life – PleinAir salon May2020
Best Artist under 30 – PleinAir salon Dec/Jan 2020
ARC Salon 2019-2020 – ARC Staff Award
Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition 2019 – honourable mention
BoldBrush painting competition – 2nd place Nov 2019
International Talent Competition by JoinTalents – 2nd place 2019
ArtaVita finalist – 2019
ARC Scholarship winner– 2nd place 2018
International Artist magazine Challenge No. 105- Still Life award 2018
3 paintings as ARC Salon 2017-2018 finalists


The Painting’s Qualities
Lyubena Fox’s paintings are painted in several layers, using both the transparent and opaque qualities of oil paint. Each layer is applied after the previous has dried which makes the painting withstand time. It also creates a glowing, three-dimensional effect, which is due to the different layers showing though each other. These paintings are painted following the logic of how the eye perceives: seeing the details in the context of the form. To create a fulfilling experience, the images are composed of places, full of detail for the eye to explore and places where the eye can rest.


American Art Collector
Fine Art Connoisseur magazine
International Artist magazine
PleinAir magazine
Realism Today
Women inspiring quotes and artistic responses vol.1 book
The Guide Artists magazine
Arts to Hearts magazine
and more

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I want to draw attention to beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed and unappreciated in this hectic and stress-filled contemporary society. I get inspired by the seasons: each painting is typically a commemoration of a season. Seasons symbolize the passing of time, and I want to capture the transitory beauty that is unique to each one of them.

Other artists
My inspiration comes from several paintings and painters from the baroque all the way
to the romanticism, but the artists I would like to list here are the ones that are alive and will
feel the support of people.
Roberto Ferri
– love his style, my favourite contemporary painter
Teagan White
– astonishing illustrator with amazing design and color sense
Jacek Yerka
– surrealistic painter making worlds with mysterious atmosphere
It is also no secret that I am immensely inspired by Lana Del Rey‘s music.

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