Lyubena Fox is born in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2013 she graduated from the National school of fine arts Bulgaria, specializing in illustration. The same year she moved to Florence, Italy to study painting with maestros John M. Angel and Jered Woznicki and in 2016 graduated from Angel Academy of Art Florence. Then she went to study with maestro Alessandro Dari.
She is currently working on her own pieces, aiming to emphasize the beauty of all the natural things that occur around us every day.

Artist statement
My work opposes the fast-paced consumerism and stressed ways of the society nowadays. It pays its respect to art history and it shows how much we can learn from our past in order to live and create to our fullest now. My work suggests, in the way it’s painted, that you can also choose how to paint/live your life accordingly to what you truly crave, despite what the current fashion is.
The knowledge of the materials used and the chemical reactions towards their surroundings has been applied to create these works of art, that will last in time.

Other artists
My inspiration comes from several paintings and painters from the baroque all the way to the romantism, but the artists I would like to list here are the ones that are alive and will feel the support of people.

Teagan White – astonishing illustrator with amazing design and color choice

Jacek Yerka – surrealistic painter making unique worlds with mysterious atmosphere
Roberto Ferri – love his style, my favourite contemporary painter at the moment.