Through philosophy the mind flourishes

Through philosophy the mind flourishes
(2020) oil painting 59x42cm
The symbolism:

The human mind (portrayed by the skull) flourishes and thrives (depicted by the butterflies, used as a positive symbol and symbolize resurrection) through philosophy and understanding oneself (books represent knowledge). Just like the caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies, able to grasp more of the world, the mind has the ability to transform and gain a greater comprehension.

Happiness is a butterfly

Happiness is a butterfly
(2019) oil painting 38x38cm
The symbolism:

Red anemone flowers symbolize forsaken love while the Forget-Me-Nots represent the memories of that love.
The ring which once symbolized the connection to her former beloved one has fallen to the ground and is lost.
Lying on the cold stone ground, desperate to replace her inner grief (signified by the tear) with a physical sensation, the heroine reveals that she has pierced herself with a dagger.
The weapon impales the skin, directly hitting the solar plexus, where intense emotional pain is felt.
Finally after being able to feel something other than emotional suffering, her relief (happiness) is signified by the butterfly which has landed on the dagger.

The Nest

The nest
(2018) oil painting 35x45cm
Winner of the ARC Staff award in the ARC Salon 2019-2020

In this painting, nature is put in a theatrical setting order to highlight her beauty. The nest full of eggs symbolizes the fragileness of new life, while the bird represents the figure of the protector who gives warmth and hope for the future.
The soap bubbles contribute as a symbol of the ephemerality of life. The whole outlook and message is to enjoy nature, but with a tender care, because, like the soap bubble, we can ruin it with one touch.
The final motif is the yellow snail symbolizing the circle of life. The humility and respect with which we must treat nature and life.

Traveler’s Desk

Traveler’s Desk
(2017) oil painting 50x70cm
The painting is a finalist in the ARC Salon 2018

Through the symbols in “Traveler’s Desk” the painting depicts man’s yearning for knowledge.
The knowledge yet to be discovered (symbolized by the closed books) is obtained by travelling (indicated by the globe). This desk tells the story of a dreamer curious to learn through his travels (curiosity depicted by the squirrel that they’ve brought from overseas, as this type of rodent is not found in Europe). You can also find that this person is interested in foreign cultures, hence he has received a letter with a haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poetry. In this context, the scales stand for a reminder that knowledge is more valuable than material riches.

Memento Roses

Memento Roses (2017) oil on canvas 40x50cm The painting is a finalist in the ARC Salon 2018

With “Memento Roses” I want to capture the transitory beauty of life, the short-lived nature of emotions and how we treasure them. Making a comparison between the rose petals and human emotions: beautiful, yet ephemeral. Emotions and the memory of them fades away and change overtime, just like flowers wither. I created this scene as a kind of memorial, an unchanging altar where the emotion and beauty has been captured: a place to go back to and relive this experience.